Having lived, worked and studied in three continents, Nisreen’s background is as diverse as the projects she’s taken on. Having grown up in Dubai, the daughter of an architect and an entrepreneur, design was subliminally introduced in every aspect of her life. This led her to explore various forms of art, architecture, digital design and photography. She worked in the media and communications design industry and ventured into design and build when she and her partner, Asad bought their first property. A house they transformed into a home on a very tight budget and with limited resources. 

Asad, born into an entrepreneurial family, grew up in a thriving metropolis. Surrounded by this diversity and the wealth of experiential knowledge he had acquired by constantly tacking social issues at a young age, Asad’s range of expertise ranges from financial analysis to operations management; skills acquired through his entrepreneurial journey as an independent retailer; he grew his family business from one to multiple locations and then online. His step into real-estate was a personal project; his wife and his first home. Having travelled extensively, Asad explores and consultants on viable real estate projects internationally

Over the years, all the projects they’ve completed have been landed by word of mouth. Both have a vast experience in commercial and residential real estate. Their various backgrounds give them unique insight into how to make a property realize it’s potential.

They both love what they do and have transformed side projects into a full-time business. It’s really not work, but a passion. They have been incredibly blessed to work with talented people in their industry, and strive to constantly learn something new each day.